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About usWith 'BEAT SOMEONE'
you can work around the world

We are the most professional 'Total Entertainment Tech' company
and partner for music creators such as songwriters and beatmakers.
It captures the hearts of music creators around the world
through music-based content IP.
Starting with Korea's Kpop, we will establish a new global ecosystem
and create a communication business by exchanging genres with local cultures.

We are essential partners in music creators.

Business areaWe are one-pass global partners
for music creators.

It has music production, album distribution, and music tech (ICT) business areas.
Improve uncomfortable creative environment and various problems and solve problems with specialized technology.

'BY BEATS' Web-based Cloud Collaboration Tool
· Provides cloud capabilities to securely manage files
· Providing rights contract functions through electronic contracts among multiple songwriters
· Mentoring between famous and senior composers and junior composers is provided
· Provides streaming and settlement for transactions
· Offering a special plan for students
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Album Distribution
Melon/Bugs/Genie in Korea, as well as Global Spotify, TikTok, Apple Music, etc
We distribute albums to streaming services and short form worldwide.
Music production
In addition to K-pop idol pop songs, we have drama OSTs, BGM, sound effects,
It also performs sound customization, professional mixing, and mastering.
Our History
'23.01 | Selected as Korea's leading startup 50 and participated in CES2023
'22.06 | to become a member of the Korea Entertainment Producer's Associationn(KEPA)
'22.05 | It was selected as a 'treadstone task' to develop start-up growth technology and received government support
'22.04 | Selected as the 8th Shinhan Futures Lab
'22.03 | Pre-Series A Phase Investment Attractions
'21.11 | KNock IR Pitching Demo Day Awarded 'Grand Prize'
'21.10 | Awarded 'Grand Prize' for innovation in music production and sales platform services
'21.04 | Corporate name 'DUMDUM Inc.' → 'BEAT SOMEONE Corp.' changed
'21.03 | It was selected as the 11th Youth Entrepreneurship Academy and received government support
'21.03 | to become a member of the Korea International Trade Association(KITA)
'20.12 | attract investment in the Seed stage
'20.07 | to become a member of the Korea Music Copyright Association(KOMCA)
'20.04 | to be selected for government support in the field of music-ICT
'20.03 | It was selected as the 10th Youth Entrepreneurship Academy and received government support
'20.02 | Recognized as a venture company
'20.02 | Establishment of a dedicated R&D research and development department
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(주)비트썸원 | BEAT SOMEONE Corp.

Development office : 8, 2F, StartupHub Bldg., 84, Madeul-ro 13-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL : 070.3423.0000 | E-MAIL : Contact Us

Head office&studio : 203~205, 2F, 16, Wausan-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL : 070.3423.0000 | E-MAIL :